Established: 3/18/1995 — De-established: 10/1/1999
Old adress: 11 Chater Road, Swire House
Central Hong Kong - People Republic Of China

 See former continental location Honk kong Kowloon
pin names from

Pin #2995
White Gibson Acoustic With Rickshaw
Guitars supplied by Randy Sykes, HI, USA
Pin #3005
red Gibson Byrdland ES - small 'Hongkong'
(traded with Steven Rockett, CA, USA, 1998)
Pin #3009
black Gibson Byrdland ES - small 'Hongkong'
(Supplied by Fiona, DEK, 1998)
Pin # 3006
blue Gibson Byrdland ES - large 'Hongkong
(supplied by Henry Etienne de France
et Joshua Scribner 1998)