You know who you are.

Here is the list of my personnal friends who are helping me in my crazyness on a regular basis...I may have forgotten some..just let me know.
Apologize to their friends who has been dragged into it as well

Bernard, Alain, Catherine Celestin, Damaris & Nathalie, Eric Sénéchal, Bernard Deschamps, Henry Etienne Defrance, Barry Barnsby, Sophie Chédru, Philippe Dugeny, Cyrille Escario, Bernard Deschamp, Boris Gunther, Emmanuel Holder, Genevieve Lambert, Max Lefevre, François Maugueret, Nicole Petetin, my New York bros Art Quell, Mireille Saltron, Bruno Scépé, Claude Pellegrino, Claude Texier, Ioulia tseneva


That neon sign was posted for years
in the window of the London HRC.