Do It Yourself
Pins Frame



1 frame 50 x 70 cm x 3,5 cm(Type IKEA  "Ribba)
Wood stick , rectangular section, 4mm x 9 mm, 2m10 length
Sand paper, thick
White paint, satin aspect, acrylic
Screws 2.5 mm x 12 mm



1) remove the background of the frame
2) paint it white (4 layers maybe necessary)
3) paint the wood sticks

4) cut the woodsticks :
- 2 pieces of about 503 mm (check on your frame)
- 2 pieces of about 694 mm (check on your frame, considering the thickness of 500 mm pieces)
-on 500mm pieces drill 2 holes of 1.5 mm , 3 cm away from each end, in the middle of the stick
- on 694 mm pieces drill 3 holes of 1.5 mm, two being 3 cm away from each end, the 3rd one in the middle of the 2 other ones

Fit screws in each hole.

5) screw the 500mm pieces inside the frame, so they maintain the glass
6) screw the 694 mm pieces in between, inside the frame, so it also maintain the glass
(use sans paper to trim the lenth if it doesn't easily fit)

The glass in now secure.
this wood stick will push back the frame background away from the glass by 9mm, so the pins can be in between.

7) use the grid as a guide, place the pins on it, gently push on it, so the two pins mill mark the background
8) drill holes (1mm to 1.5 mm)
9) secure the pins (the pins' pin maybe to short for the clip to stay on. in that case put a drop on glue on each pin end, that goes through the background.
Glue will no be visible. (Araldite  Quick (Epoxy glue 2 components ) will do)

10 When all pins are set, put the background back into the frame, secure it with 10 screws 2.5mm all around (screwed into the frame surroundings)

11) put it on the wall.

How many?

You can put  11 rows of 7 guitars.