The Hard Rock Cafe was founded in London on the 14th June, 1971 by two expatriate Americans, Peter Morton & Isaac Tygrett, in a former Rolls Royce garage on Old Park Lane. They thought that Europe needed a tasted down-home American cooking and culture. At that time, finding a burger in Europe was like looking for a crepe suzette in a New York deli. Eric Clapton went there and was so happy that it gave them one of his Finder guitars. A few days later, Pete Townsend from the Who sent one of his with the following comment "Mine is worth more than his". In 1991 the collection was 10000 items large and worth about 10 million of dollars. The name of the restaurant comes from a photo from a sleeve of a Doors LP showing a bar called "Hard Rock cafe".After the opening in 71, it was soon a magnet for all kinds: bakers,bankers, actors, musicians, old and young; an american hang-out on European soil driven by good old Rock'n Roll. The collection of R'n'R memorabilla was once described by People Magazine as "The Smithsonian of Rock'n Roll".The "Love all serve all" slongan comes from Gandhi saying, and "All is One" from Sai Baba, Guru of Isaac Tygrett


In 88, Isaac Tygrett sold his half of the company (East coast USA & Europe area) to Robert Earle who became president in 1984. HRC opened in Los Angeles in 1982 and New York City in 1984. Robert Earle sold it again in the early 90's to start the "Planet Hollywood" restaurants. Isaac Tygrett is now running the House Of Blues clubs. In summer 1996, after opening the Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas in 95', Peter Morton sold his restaurants to the owners of the "East coast" HRC's, the Rank Corp., and kept the right to use the trademark for the Hotel & Casinos. All the HRC restaurants, including in Canada, were unified under the same management. Some of the West Coast specialities were included on the menu, but unfortunately, it has been homogenized and kind of "Planet Hollywood'ed" .Most the huge and famous specialities that made the fame of HRC have dissapeared. No more local specialities either. There is not even a Key Lime Pie in Key West!. That makes visiting other HRC's now boring as it is predictable.

In 1996, the Paris restaurant was closed down by the Board of Health for 2 weeks, because the inspection services found frozen steaks that were stamped "from Ireland U.K.". The use and importation of meat from the UK meat had then been already prohibited for a few months because of the Mad Cow Disease raging in the UK.
Love All, Serve All, Kill All.

Nevertheless, the great idea is to make you think that going there and eating simple american food is an unforgetable experience and is worth souvenirs that often double the food bill, and also to turn every customer into a walking add with a logo on the chest! This probably explains the HRC's marketing greatness.

Aren't we brought up to be consumers?
You bet we are!
Don't deny your pleasure!