Hi! I'm living in Paris, France.
Here under are the traders I have,
I have acces to what's available at the Paris HRC (at cost).

You will find here:
- My trading practice
- My Wish list
- My traders list ans pics
- Paris HRC available pins




for Paris HRC, get in touch.


The following pins maybe on hold for other people.
They will be removed as soon as I'll ship them.


honolulu black lespaul

Las Vegas Kurt Cobain

Cleveland Buddy Holly

Atlanta red cochran guitar

Memphis Presley black

Los Angeles violet Lespaul

Lake Tahoe Presley Black

London Red Cochran guitar
Qty = 2

Montreal V flight buildings

Singapore Yellow guitar

Barcelona Sagrada Famillia

Amsterdam  Black guitar from fake HRC (circa 1995).
Logo is like a beer cap .

Atlanta Buddy Holy.

london White vox

Cleveland red cochran

Baltimore St PAtrick 99

St Juan Blue vox

Denver V flight  snowboarder

Denver snow flake stratocaster

Selana white rose guitar

London horse guard guitar

Kona girl guitar

Paris 4th 1998 qty= 3

New orleans mardi gras 96


Paris Halloween 98 qty=2

Paris Xmas 98  qty=2

Paris valentine 99

Paris halloween  99 (qty=2)

SF Jazz fest

SF jazz sax player 2002

SF jazz trumpte player 2002

SF street fair 2002

SF signature series ltd edition 2002

SF creed pin 2002

SF Fleet week 2002

SF surf team 2002

SF Card LE series 2002

SF quaterback pin 2002

Washington DC quaterback pin 2002

Charity Fireman 2002

Charity Policeman 2002

new orleans mardi gras 98

x mas 97 snowflake pin

Liberty NYC 4th 99

all access 2002

Volleyball girl sacremento 2002

classic car pittsburg

Berlin Charlottten palace guitar

Berlin brandebourg gate guitar

Berlin Flag guitar

Washington DC

Munich t shirt pin

3rd anniv pin osaka

pint glass pin 2004 osaka

Breast cancer  2005

New year  2006 Champagne bottle
New Orleans

summer brekfast 2004


Lisbon Monument guitar

Lisbon explorer colombus guitar

Lisbon Logo

Katrina Huricane guitar


Viking Head Guitar Copenhagen

Japan (no city)
Yokoso guitar


Green core vertical guitar 2006

King Kong guitar NYC 2006

Catania volcano guitar

Goal Keeper Munich ww footbal cup 2006

Lisbon Soccer player 2006  N33796

Lisbon compass pin 2006 N32693

Lisbon 35th aninv  server girl 2006 N34429

Lisbon DJ Girl pin 2003 19651

pin# 26412
USA Vote guitar 2005

Breast Cancer pink ribbon 2006
World wide guitar

San Francisco Love Parade Rainbow guitar

San Francisco -Hippie Guitar  22nd anniversairy

San Francisco
Pinaloozaa Nurse on Drums 2006

San Francisco
Calendar Sept 2006 girl

HRC  35th anniv girl

Fashion statement girl
Sydney 2006

Ottawa city pin guitar

All access flame guitar

Moscow waitress 2007


Waitress Mockba 2007

March on stage, no city guitar, 2007

Breast cancer 2007 double neck, no city guitar

Moscow graffiti guitar 2007

Catania easter egg guitar

Amsterdam 6th anniv saxophone

Orlando LIVE opening double neck guitar

pin club mini guitar promo gift 2007

Toronto  29th anniv bike

Montreal mapple leaf guitar 2005

Warsaw car guitar

Lake tahoe speedboat 3rd anniv

Easter egg guitar NYC 2005

New york broadway flaming guitar

Berlin core guitar

Gay pride 2007 Guitar
ST louis

new york 24 th anniv 2008

new york liberty head city guitar


New york  bridge serie #2 Brooklyn


bridge serie #1  triborough bridge

berlin core yellow  guitar

give away mini guitar

2Nd anniv guitar Nottinghma UK

FORT LAUDERDALE "sunrise mall"
Gator guitar

New york

Muscians on call 208

Orlando live

Rainbow cocktail guitar Gay pride.2008

Osaka Universal city walk
pin 41498
Asian New Year 2008 Year of the Rat
Horizontal red guitar with leaves & flowers and rat standing

Paris pin 41069
Halloween 2007
Witch sitting on pumping witjh Paris logo dangling

pin 40852
16th cafe anniversairy 2007
- Corsett & Can Can Dress

Grand Canaria Island
Palmtree guitar  2007

lake tahoe

Pin #4462
3rd Anniversary 2001

Speedboat & Waitress on Waterskis


Las Vegas
pin 43649
Gay pride 2008 double neck guitar

Tokyo city guitar


honk kong 4th july 2008

honk kong 4th july 2008

NYC Times squre subway map guitar, blue background 2007

Hink kong cityscape bridge guitar

Honk kong the peak yellow guitar

Honk kong the peak yellow guitar

Barcelone church guitar

All access black guitar V7

Paris tour de france 2007

berlin  bundesstag view


Breast cancer 2006

eiffel guitar

punta cana palm tree and flowers guitar

Paris china guitar 2009

new york fleet week 2006

new york flying v dragon

Paris red dragon black guitar

stockholm facade


Catania volcano guitar

>Copenhagen Fashion rockers 2009
Girl  against guitar case  N49973

moscou Black and white mantra strap guitar 2008

Rome blue core guitare

Mineapolis dream catcher black guitar