(closed 2007)

3-4 Coventry Street
London W1D 6BL

Open 2002


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Pin #28812
4th July Guitar with American Flag 2005
Supplied by Cyrille Escario 2005

Father Xmas guitar 2004
A guitar with Father Christmas's Face as the stock,
with glitter effect on beard and hat trim.

My trip May 2006

Pin# 26115
Christmas Tree  V-guitar
with glitter effect on the snow 2004
My trip May 2006

Pin# 31532
Happy New year 2006
Women and hour glass guitar
My trip may 2006

Pin#  26118
Happy new year 2005
Blue Acoustic Guitar With A Red Head Girl
My trip may 2006

Pin# 29243
Anniversary 2006
Teddy Bear holding vertical guitar with balloons
My trip may 2006

Pin# 28813
'Green' Roulette Wheel Guitar
My trip may 2006

Pin# 32434
Royal Guitar 2006.
V-Guitar with Unicorn reared over a Union Jack.
Crown above unicorn with Gold on Purple logo
similar to 2004 version

My trip may 2006