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Pin #5879
white Double-Neck with Canadian Flag and Maple Leaf on Neck
Supplied by Robert Séjouné

Pin #13722
White stratocaster with horse and buggy 1994
Supplied by François Maugueret 

Pin #23398
White Les Paul w/ Blue HRC Logo,1991
Supplied by François Maugueret

Pin# 13287
Olympic stadium white & red guitar (1996)
Supplied by Bernard Célestin 

Pin #5885
maroon dead Rocker Brian Jones Vox Guitar 1998

Pin #11685
montreal red (vox) guitar 1994
(Supplied by Henry Etienne, 1999)

Pin #5907
Valentine 99
aiming Cupid with white Bow-Guitar
(Supplied by Henry Etienne, 1999)

Pin #5884
black dead Rocker Elvis Presley styled acoustic
(Supplied by Henry Etienne, 1999)
Pin #5876
Guitar with half red Maple Leaf and half french blue Lilie -
(traded with Pierre Bourgeois, Quebec, Canada, 1997)

Pin #5904
Millennium 2000
blue & white Guitar w. Stars, "2000"
and "Every 1000 Years We Rock Hard"2000
(supplied by Alain Célestin & Co)