7/21st/1994 - re open dec 7 2009
100 Broadway
Nashville, Tn. ,USA

Pin names from

Pin #6166
Black & white Banjo
(Guitar supplied by Ineke)

Pin #6182
Purple Brian Jones styled Vox -
 Dead Rocker Guitar Series,1998
(traded with Patricia Redmond,
Atlanta, GA, USA, 1998)

Pin #6168
Red Gibson SG with black Boot
(Guitars supplied by Ineke)
Pin #6170
Cowboy mustard Hat Guitar 1999
(traded with June Slagle, TN, USA)
Pin #23233
Red white Reverse Firebird
(traded with Marylee Martin,TN, USA,1997)

Pin #6177
National Glenwood - blue 1995
(Traded with Marylee Martin,TN, USA, 1997)

12th anniv vertical guitar 2006
Bought on ebay 2008
Pin# 6172
Front Vertical guitar
brown 'Chet Atkins' Gretch
Country Club Custom guitar
bought on ebay 2011
Pin# 44513
nashville city marathon running guitar 2008
bought on ebay 2011