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pin names from

Pin #6551
Purple Paul McCartney Hofner Bass, left handed
Traded with Lourde Alvarez, 1997
Pin #: 6558
Interstate 5 Guitar Series - Brown Les Paul 1999
(Traded with Steve Mayfield, USA ,99)
Pin #6569
Purple Les Paul Guitar
(Traded with Julie Vollmer, CA,1997)

Pin #6560
Cream Brian Jones Vox Guitar
Dead Rocker Guitar Series
(traded with Gary Grasso, USA, 1997)

Pin #6568
Green Les Paul
(Traded with Julie Vollmer, CA, 1997)

Pin# 24739
Guitar w/ Green Haired Witch wearing a cape
Halloween 2004
Bought on ebay
pin# 22111
swirling leaves brown guitar 2004
Bought on ebay 12/2012

pin# 24739
girls of rock logo  pin (no guitar)
Gift by Joshua