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Pin names from

Pin #6655
red Horseshoe blue Guitar cascaded by waterfalls
(Traded Jeffrey Aritonang, OK, 1997)

Pin #6661
cream dead Rocker Brian Jones styled Vox Guitar1998
(my trip June 99)
Pin #6664
green Barrel with red & white Stratocaster inside
(Traded withMike Ciurzynski, USA, 1998)

Pin #6660
black Elvis Presley styled acoustic guitar 1998
Dead Rocker Guitar Series
(my trip June 99)

Pin# 12535
Red Mapple leaf guitar 2002
Gift by Damaris Monguilod, Nov 2006

Pin #28084
100th anniversary music pin guitar.
Traded with Kara Stanley, 2004.

Pin #25676
Niagra Falls Facade guitar 2004.
Traded with Kara Stanley

Pin# 30036
May 2005 flower guitar with maple leaf on the front
supplied by Nelly Le Creurer, sept 2006

Pin# 35912
June Flower guitar 2005
Supplied by Julien Perret Sept 2007

Pin# 41430
3-D  silver shine guitar
Suppplied by Julien Perret, Sept 2007.

Pin# 31052
9th anniversairy Falls Guitars 2001
Bought on ebay

4th july 2012
pin# 71412
4th july double neck sexy girl guitar 2012
Andrea Monguilod May 2013
Falls City Tee guitar 2011
Pin#  63463
Falls City Tee guitar 2011
Eric & Martine, Avril 2015


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