OPENED 10/95
Moved  02/25/2002 to:
3 South 2nd Street,
Suite 117,
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Old address
2621 E. Camelback
Phoenix, Az 85016

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Pin names from


Pin #7460
Purple Les Paul
(traded with Cecil Jackson, SC, USA, 1997)
Pin #7470
Waitress Red Dress Blue Stratocaster
(traded with S. Cornwell, AZ, USA, 1998)
Pin #7461
Green Les Paul - Vertical
(traded with Jim Strader, USA, 1997)
Pin #7464
Purple Dead Rocker Brian Jones Styled Vox Guitar1998
(my trip of september 98)
Pin #7446
Small Phoenix Firebird Shaped Guitar
Holding Two Reverse Firebird guitars
(traded with Cecil Jackson, SC, USA, 1997)
Pin #7463
Black Dead Rocker Elvis Presley Styled Acoustic 1998
(my trip of September 1998)
Pin #7453
Brown Fender Stratocaster with 'Stevie Ray Vaughan
(traded with Gary Grasso, USA 1997)
Pin #7450
Green & White Flying 'V' Thermometer Guitar 1999
(traded with Debbie Crawford, OK, USA)

Yellow guitar with Feather and cactus
Bought on ebay

pin# 19244
Melting Guitar with thermomter neck and flame 2003
Bought on ebay 2007

pin# 39191
critter serie 2 coyote guitar 2007
bought on ebay 2009

Pin# 38033
Stars and stripes guitar 2007
Bought on ebay 2009
Pin# 12213
phoenix staff grand reopening doors guitar 2002
bought on ebay 2011