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50 Cuscaden Road, Singapore 

Pin # from

Pin #870
White Les Paul Guitar with Blue Merlion & Palm Tree
(supplied by Jean Philippe Gable)

Pin #8723
red Les Paul - without Enamel

Pin #:8705
White Explorer Guitar with "Port of Rock n' Roll" and Red Flames
(supplied by Jean Philippe Gable)
Pin #: 8731
Blue Gibson Byrdland - Large 'Singapore'
(Traded with Rossli, Singapore, 1997)

Pin #8719
black Les Paul
(supplied by Jean Philippe Gable)
Pin #8729
Red Gibson Byrdland Guitar - large Singapore
(supplied by Henry Etienne de France & Joshua Scribner, 1998)

Pin #8734
Yellow & Black Gibson Model EMS-1235 Doubleneck Guitar (Asia clone) 1998
(traded with Elson Yan, Singapore,98
Pin #8732
black Gibson Byrdland - small 'Singapore'
(supplied by Ronald & Larry, 1997))
Pin #8735
Small Green 'Mark King' (Level 42) Guitar 1998
(traded with Elson Yan, Singapore,98)

Pin #: 8793
'Evolution of Rock' Stratocaster Guitar
(traded with Floyd Terry, VA, USA)

Pin #8794
Millennium 2001 Vertical Gray Guitar w/Flames
(supplied by Camilla from Dek, 2001)
Pin #8707
Vertical Cream Merlion Guitar 2000
(supplied by Camilla from Dek, 2001)