Skydome Stadium
(Est. 06.06.1989 closed oct 2009)

Pin names from


Pin #12742
Aids Ribbon pin, 1998

Pin #14275
Brown Brian Jones brown vox guitar1998

Pin #14276
Elvis Gibson Acoustic 1998

Pin #10254
cream colored Strat with dark red SkyDome
Skydome stratocaster

Pin #16141
St Patrick 1999
guitarGreen Guitar with Leprochaun Hat, 1999

pin# 16110
2002 World AIDS Day - Flying V guitar hinged
 Boxed in faux snake skin.
bought on ebay

Pin #10771
White Les Paul guitar withBlue logo, gold writing 1994
Pre unification

Pin# 13144
Flaminig hoockey  mask guitar
Bought on ebay 2011
pin# 10299
11th anniversary red stratocaster with blue CN tower 2000
bought on ebay 2011

pre-unification HRC canada old logo