(Tokyo HRC N1)
(OPENED 7/83)
5-4-20 Roppongi
Minato-Ku, Tokyo 106, Japan



Pin names from


Pin #9969
Red Gibson Double Neck
Guitars supplied by Anne Kremp (1995)

Pin #10023
Black Les Paul Vertical Type
(Traded with Tadakatsu Baba, Japan, 1998)

Pin #9976
Black Flying V w/ Polka Dots - Orange Logo
Guitars supplied by Anne Kremp (1995)
Pin #: 10102
Pink Acoustic Guitar w/ Two Purple Roses 1998
(traded with K.S., Japan, 1998)
Pin #9965
Red/White Kamikaze Telecaster
(traded with K.S. , Japan, 1997)
Pin #10095
New Years (Asian)
Zodiac - Tiger on Red Stratocaster 1998
(traded with K.S., 1998, Japan)
Pin #:9961
White Kamikaze Samisen
(traded with K.S. , Japan, 1997)
Pin #10114
St. Patrick's Day
Green Guitar w/ Light Green Leaves1998
(traded with Danny Irurzun, 1998)

Pin #9983
Blue Les Paul w/ King Kong and Tokyo Tower
Supplied by Henri-Etienne de France & Josh, 2002.

Pin #9984
rown Acoustic Guitar w/ Flowers and Peace Sign 1999
Supplied by Henry Etienne de France & Josh, 2002