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283 Yonge St.
Toronto, ON, Canada

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Pin #2045
Pre-Unification White Double Neck with Flag 1996
Guitars supplied by Robert Séjourné .

Toronto white guitar pre unification logo

Pin #10214
gold dead Rocker Buddy Holly styled acoustic Guitar 1998
(my trip June 99)

Pin #10213
red dead Rocker Eddie Cochran styled Gretsch1998
(my trip june 99)

Pin #10238
St. Patrick's Day1999
Green Guitar with Leprechaun Hat
(My trip June 99)

Pin #10210
white Double-Neck Guitar w/ Flag
"All is one"
(traded with Jackie Lane, England, EEC, 1999)

Pin #23095
Retro serie guitar, blue, 2004.
Gift by Boris Gunther

Pin #25436
Earth day 2004
Guitar with boulders depicting Earth
Gift by Boris Gunther

Pin # 34620
Light Guitar with  lashing light on top. 2005
supplied by Nelly Le Creurer  sept 2006

pin# 40173
Maple leaf core 2007
with goalie mask, CN Tower and moose
Supplied by Antonio (Erosco

Pin# 40117
Fruit guitar 1  Pineapple 2007
Supplied by Antonio (Eroscoq)

Pin# 45928
Flag and CN tower guitar V 2008
Supplied by Henry Etienne de France & Josh2008

pin# 44108
Toronto Goalie Mask with Puckµ
Supplied by Henry Etienne de France & Josh 2008

pin# 33880
Rock guitar 2006
Bought on ebay 2009

Pin# 10227
Gay pride colorful guitar 1999
Bought on ebay 2009

Pin #18446
CN Tower Guitar 'North America's 1st' 1995
(traded with Christina Antonio, Ontario, Canada, 1997
Street car guitar 2012
Pin# 67556
Street car slider guitar 2012
Supplied by Antonio 07/2012
fire guitar
Fire guitar 2012
Supplied by Antonio Graci 07/2012

Pin# 72653
north east art of rock 3 of 7 rainbow guitar 2013
Supplied by Antonio Graci 09/2013

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