Est. 6th/6/95
Closed: 06/01/2000
686 West Hastings
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Pin names from

Pin #11130
Double neck w/flag and blue pre unification logo, 1996
(Guitar supplied by Eric Sénéchal)

Pin #18981
Horizontal guitar w/ salmon on the body
and "Grand Opening June 6 1995, 1995
(Guitar supplied by Eric Sénéchal)

Pin #10304
Totem Pole Guitar 1997
(Supplied by Rick & Barry, London)

Pin #10318
Valentine 1999
Aiming Cupid with white Bow-Guit..
(Supplied by Rick and Barry London)

Pin #10308
yellow Guitar with red Salmon 1997
(Supplied by Rick & Barry, London) 
Pin #10324
Halloween 97 - green & black Witch riding on red guitar,1997.
(traded with Adam Wright, USA)
vancouver 2000  millenium guitar
Pin# 10317
Millenium we rock hard blue guitar 2000
Bought one bay Dec 2011
Pin# 10303
totem pole no teeth acoustic guitar 1996
bought on ebay 3/2012

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